Mobile Insurance

Chess Insurance

Protect your business and your customers

Full Device Support

Full Device Support

Covers a wide range of devices including mobiles and tablets

Protection From Day One

Protection From Day One

No waiting, no complicated terms

No Claim Limits

No Claim Limits

No hidden Terms & Conditions

Keep Connected

If a handheld device fails for whatever reason, employee productivity can fall and opportunities can be missed. We make sure employees are back up and working efficiently, with minimum hassle.


Increase Mobile Revenue

There are no monthly targets relating to the insurance plan, and commission is paid for as long as your customer remains insured. Our Insurance Plan can be tailored to your customers needs, and offers a full service and logistics solution.

Your customers can benefit from:

  • Mobile phone insurance (including iPhones)
  • Tablet insurance
  • No limits on the amount of claims per calendar month
  • The ability to claim from day 1 of the policy

Protect your customers

Full device support, no complicated terms, commission
for the duration of the contract.