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Our Desktop solution is the focal point of our solution architecture: providing businesses across the globe with access to the fastest, most reliable and accurate invoicing of customers available.


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Our Flagship Solution

  • Unlock the potential of your cash flow cycle
  • Installed bureau billing to make white label billing practically effortless
  • Pioneering functions: multiple CDR files can queue & load, improving billing cycle speed
  • In-depth analysis tools
  • Higher levels of security & control to minimise risk

Total Billing Control

ebillz Desktop can service your entire business requirements while helping you maximise your potential to be a truly significant player in your industry

  • Power with flexibility: load CDRs from any carriers and suppliers
  • Seize opportunity: load and rate CDRs at speeds of over 10,000,000 per hour.
  • Improve accuracy when importing and exporting tariff tables to spreadsheets
  • Online account management-online portal gives total transparency
  • Complete user clarity with wiki-based online help system
  • Reduce risk with complete fraud protection
  • Bolster brand image with unique customer care tools

Total Integration

Our Desktop solution will transform your billing experience and help with your business needs, making it the most accommodating billing solution available to SMB’s. ebillz Desktop has already helped over 250 customers save time, money and resources.

  • Bespoke & unlimited tariffs
  • Intelligent invoice generation
  • Customer specific itemisation summaries
  • National and Country summaries
  • Graphical representations of calling patterns
  • Credit Control – Sage integration & direct debit processing tools provided as standard
  • Simple, effective profit and trend analysis

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