Blueprint for Success

What is the Blueprint?

Our Blueprint for Success was created by everyone at Chess. It sets out the reasons why we want to grow, our vision for the future, the critical areas we need to focus on and the importance we all attach to our culture and values. We use it every day to inspire, guide, motivate and focus our efforts.

Our Core Values

Quality describes the high standards we set ourselves. It reflects our commitment to build a business we can be proud of, to be a great place to work, a great place to be a partner. Quality is reflected in everything we do. Our Spirit reflects the mindset, energy and behaviours of our people, our passion and the positive effect it has on others. We care, support and help each other to achieve our work and personal goals. Our Spirit inspires our people to exceed partner expectations. Our Spirit inspires and motivates, it is infectious, stimulating and must never be taken for granted. Download our Blueprint as a PDF Read out Blueprint online

To listen, talk and know our customers to deliver great service
To measure, manage and consistently achieve customer service and sales targets
Financial Control
To control costs, maintain positive cash flow, measure and report on performance
To continuously improve the knowledge, skills and performance of our people
To nurture strong relationships with our customers, partners, people and suppliers
Products & Services
To deliver reliable and innovative solutions that meets our customers’ needs
Systems & Procedures
To continuously develop and maintain simple, reliable, accurate and efficient systems
To inspire, motivate and guide our people, to be a role model
To raise awareness and the profile of the Chess brands
To maximise value with smooth seamless integration to make a great first impression
To adhere to all aspects of legal, regulatory and business standards
To nurture and protect our unique culture and core values

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