SIP Trunking

Feature rich VoIP solutions allowing voice calls over the internet –  the simple and cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services converging voice and data network



A highly scalable solution which works seamlessly with any phone system

Business Continuity

Reroute calls to any alternative locations anytime, anywhere

Cost effective

Enjoy free internal calls and allocate bandwidth to other business apps to save operational costs

SIP allows users to run multiple communication apps over IP network or internet, and this is perhaps why VoIP is growing in popularity with businesses and entrepreneurs.

Save costs

SIP trunks are carried over IP network instead of a traditional phone line, which means businesses can usually enjoy lower call rates, saving up to 25% on calling costs. Mobile/ home workers can also stay connected to the offices via the internet.

Flexible solution

With SIP services your phone number is not restricted geographically. You can also keep your existing number when you are moving or upsizing.

Be in control

Businesses can add lines, remove lines, or split calls at any time with SIP trunking. Its highly scalable nature is ideal for growing businesses, or companies that experience seasonal peak.

Built in disaster recovery

Handle emergencies with ease as SIP trunkings allow businesses to reroute calls to any alternative location quickly – perfect for ensuring business continuity.

Ideal for

  • Businesses that are looking into saving calling costs and line rental
  • Businesses looking for good quality voice services
  • Companies who are subject to peak season variability’s in calls and communication

Service Level

We have a dedicated team of technology experts who are extensively trained to give you advice and support whenever you need it.  To ensure business continuity, we also have a range of service level products for you to choose from.

Dedicated account manager

Not only do you get your own account manager, our UK based corporate customer service team is also at your service 24/7, 365.

Putting your business first

We aim to answer the phone within 3 rings and respond to queries within 4 hours because we understand the importance of communication