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NGN (08 numbers) & Inbound Solutions

Tailored to suit any size of business with
self-service functionality

Manage Your Customer Data

Great Features

Flexible and scalable, with a host of optional extras

Own The Customer Bill

Easy setup and switching

Full control and easy management

The UK's No1 Billing System

Peace of mind

Should an emergency occur, numbers can be transferred within a few clicks

Affordable NGN Solutions

Access our entire Non-Geographic Numbers range – at low prices and wherever they are. NGN numbers can also be set up within 48 hours.

0800, 0808 Freephone

  • Give your customers a national presence
  • Easy line switching
  • Protect against line failure

03 Public Sector/ Charity

  • Reserved for public, charity and non-profit organisations
  • Free to call from landlines
  • Trusted by the general public

01/02 Area Code

  • Appear to be in prestigious address
  • Imply local presence
  • Free to call with mobile mins

08 Revenue generating

  • Offset your call centre costs
  • Establish professional brand image
  • Trackable call statistics

Exclusive: Call Management Portal

With our market leading Number Manager app you are in total control of your business numbers. With just a few clicks you can manage how your calls are handled. Ideal for:

  • Business with high call volumes
  • Small businesses to major corporations
  • Streamline/ manage call costs while enhancing caller experience

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Watch the video and learn more about our Call Management Portal

Inbound Solution Features

Call Recording
Phone conversations can be recorded for sharing, training or monitoring purposes. Recorded files are stored in the cloud and can be sent to your email or retrieved via FTP. No hardware installation is required, meaning you can manage your recordings instantly.
Mid Call Transfer

Transfer a call internally or from one type of line to another (a landline to a mobile, for example).

Area Based Routing

Route calls around your business based on the incoming number, saving time for your customer service teams with automatic call categorisation.

Understand your caller type before you ever pick up the phone. The caller’s number is either ‘whispered’ to you or shown on your phone’s display. Ideal for businesses who need to categorise their customer types (for example, if you have multiple businesses under one premises) or when you want to distinguish personal calls from business calls (for example, if you work from home).
Display Number

Have the caller’s number appear on your phone’s display so you can get an idea of the identity of the caller, allowing you to answer the phone professionally.

Date and caller exceptions

You can whitelist or blacklist any of your callers, and even blackout any date for your number, all self-manageable via our NGN portal.

Call Queue

Let your customers know they are in a queue to avoid caller drop-off and reduce frustration when lines are busy.

Disaster Recovery

Avoid missing important calls or business opportunities in the event of an emergency. Our Disaster Recovery feature can be used to divert all calls to an alternative line, quickly and easily either online or through our NGN management app.


A professional greeting message can be played to the callers before you answer the phone, from a standard business introduction to a message about your latest promotion.


Your landline out-of-office. Ask customers to leave a message eiher during predetermined times or when your office is closed. You can also record your own voicemail greeting message.

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