Handsets & Accessories

Handsets & Accessories

The latest smartphones and tablets for your customers, at unbeatable prices

NEW Leasing

Chess Partner now offers a range of Leasing Solutions.

Benefits for Partners

  • Customer retention
    Keep your customers by offering them another product.
  • Be competitive
    Offer affordability for new and expensive kit.
  • Act fast
    Maximise technology and productivity immediately.
  • Improve commission cashflow
    When smartphones cost more than desktop computers, the decision to lease is easy.

Benefits for Customers

  • No waiting
    Receive your equipment straight away.
  • Stay ahead of the curve
    Always get the latest equipment — without the cost!
  • Maximise tax efficiency
    Offset 100% of the rentals against the tax liability.
  • Lower costs
    Quarterly rentals lower than standard costs.
  • Safe & simple
    Fixed cost throughout lease period, no changes to charges or unpredictability to watch out for.
  • Easy upgrade
    Option of upgrading the equipment at any stage alongside the separate Airtime agreement by simply restructuring the payment schedule.

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Handsets & Accessories

We sell the latest smartphones and tablets from all major manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Apple, BlackBerry and Nokia.

From chargers, car-kits and batteries, to mobile Wi-Fi solutions and portable chargers, our exclusive bundles mean you can pass on unbeatable value to your customers.

The Latest Phones

From iPhones to the latest Samsung release, you can get access for your customers first by working with Chess Partner.
Apple iPhone 5C

Sell Mobile

We provide every mobile accessory from chargers, car-kits and batteries, to mobile Wi-Fi solutions and portable chargers
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